Featured Work
Children's Museum of Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA
Felton Library Discovery Park
Felton, CA
Michelle Obama School
Richmond, CA
Public Outreach and Engagement
Bay Area, CA
Dolores Pollinator Blvd
San Francisco, CA
Melrose House
San Mateo, CA
The Meriwether Condominiums
Portland, OR
Roving Rangers
On the Road
The Ale Trail
San Leandro, CA
Alameda Diablo Residence
Diablo, CA
Sequoia High School Tea Garden
Redwood City, CA
Tetzcotzinco Sacred Mountain Retreat
Zona Arqueologica, Texcoco, Mexico
Project List

Education and Play

Michelle Obama School, CA

Sequoia High School, CA

Early Childhood Center at the French American International School, CA

Kinder Play Yard at the German International School of Silicon Valley, CA


SFUSD Hoover, CA

Venetia Valley School, CA

Mabel Mattos Elementary School, CA

Neveh Shalom Congregation, OR

Brandeis Marin, CA

Ocean View Elementary School, CA

Merritt College Landscape Horticulture, CA

Summit Everest High School, CA

Woodside High School, CA

Carlmont High School - Day Care Center, CA

Gardner Bullis Elementary, CA

Parks and Gardens

Mary's Garden at the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, CA

Felton Library Nature Discovery Park, CA

McCandless Park, CA

Glen Park Greenway, CA

Algarden Urban Farm and Demonstration Garden, CA


Melrose House, CA

Diablo Farmhouse, CA

Atherton Residence, CA

Alpine Terrace, CA

Albemarle House, OR

Pollinator Estate, OR

Rooftop Jewelbox, OR

Concordia Craftsman, OR

Alameda Hill House, OR

Moody Road, CA

Mission Residence, CA

Bull Mountain Estate, OR

Miller Landing, OR

Murphys Cabin, CA

Lakemead House, CA

Fernhill Crossing, OR

Mr. Diablo Blvd, CA

North San Pedro Veteran Housing, CA

Public Spaces

Dolores Pollinator Blvd, CA

Parklab Gardens, CA

El Monte Urban Agriculture Initiative, CA

Ashland Cherryland Streetscape, CA

Sacred Mountain Retreat, Tetzcotzinco, Mexico

Ale Trail, CA

Bumble Cafe, CA

The Redd, OR

Iron Horse Trail, CA

Cypress Corner Mini Plaza + Parklet, CA

Cedar Landing, OR

Bartlett Parklet, CA

Roving Rangers

LA Ranger Troca, CA

Try It Truck, CA

Roving Ranger, CA

One Tam Ranger, CA

Chesapeake Ranger, MD

NHMU Mobile Museum, UT

Education and Play

Parks and Gardens


Public Spaces

Roving Ranger

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