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Ohlone Park
Berkeley, CA
Project Description

We are working with the City of Berkeley on the renovation of the eastern portion of Ohlone Park in central Berkeley. This area of the park contains a commemorative Ohlone mural originally painted by artist Jean LaMarr in the park’s early days and recently restored by Ms. LaMarr. The design concept revolves around highlighting and recognizing the importance of the mural as the cultural heart of the park.

During the design programming phase, we have listened to the voices of local indigenous people and neighborhood community members and worked with Jean LaMarr to insure that the renovation improvements honor the Ohlone and the beginnings of the park with it’s community-based origins in the 1970’s. BASE’s design will implement Ms. LaMarr’s vision which extends to a contemplative sitting area with salmon-themed seats and a traditional grinding rock. A garden with native plantings will be installed at the base of the mural, and a new walk will provide access for up-close mural viewing.  

The two existing children’s play areas will be completely renovated and will include a diversity of rustic nature play equipment for both younger and older children. In response to  to the community’s wish for a consolidated area, the older children’s area will be relocated adjacent to the younger children at the west side of the park. During the concept phase, we heard from the community about their desire for an open activity area, so where the park joins the city, a welcoming corner entry that expands into a small plaza has been included.  

Construction is slated to begin in early 2023.

client. City of Berkeley, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

team. BASE Landscape Architecture

         BFK Engineers 

         RMA Irrigation

         Kanyon Konsulting

         KPW Structural Engineers, Inc.

year completed. Ongoing

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