Ohlone Park
Berkeley, CA
Project Description

Ohlone Park is truly a People’s Park, originally created to be a community open space for local activities in the 1960s on the land being cleared for underground BART tracks. In the light of the park's 50th Anniversary, the City of Berkeley in tandem with BASE aims to envision what the future of Ohlone Park can be input from the community. The consensus, so far, is to revamp old play equipment and install a garden around the Jean LaMarr’s Ohlone mural on the block of Hearst Avenue between Milvia Street and Bonita Avenue, next to Berkeley Senior Center, as the highest priority. BASE prepared two schemes for the first community meeting, both celebrating the Ohlone People, the community activities and play. With the Ohlone Mural as the cultural heart of the park, BASE has woven the voices of Native American people at the beginning of the park program and design, including teaming up with indigenous consultant Kanyon Konsulting and working with the artist Jean LaMarr on the Ohlone garden design. Both concepts incorporate salmon as sculptures or play elements, the idea is to extend the mural into the 3D world and as a prayer to call the salmon back to our streams. We provided a diversity of play equipment and styles for communities to choose, created a multipurpose place for seniors to use and kept enough open space that everyone can enjoy and use, in response to one of the most frequent community feedbacks that the City has received over the years. The conceptual plans are currently under review by the public and the final concept will incorporate the comments received from the community.

client. City of Berkeley, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

team. BASE Landscape Architecture

         BFK Engineers 

         RMA Irrigation

         Kanyon Konsulting

year completed. Ongoing