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Michelle Obama School
Richmond, CA
Project Description

The design of Michelle Obama Elementary School (formerly called Wilson Elementary) was intended to provide a learning experience for students that will help them thrive in a complex world as well as to support the continuing partnership between the District and the community it serves. The project integrated spaces for 21st century learning, facilitating the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and hands-on learning that are essential for student success. The 21st century learning focus intends to inspire and empower all of its members with a fresh perspective on student learning, health and wellness, as well as support the need for teacher recruitment, retention, and professional development.


The key design elements of the project included:


  • A learning suite model that utilizes every square foot for learning and supports blended learning at its best, providing maker space labs and other types of spaces to support varied learning activities

  • A world-class learning environment, offering intentionally-designed flexible spaces for a thriving 21st century enrichment campus

  • A campus that offers spatial and technological connectivity between indoor and outdoor learning spaces, supporting active learning and discovery of our natural world; 

  • Support of educators o transition from current instructional models to future models via the flexible learning suite design

client. West Contra Costa Unified School District

team. BASE Landscape Architecture


         Overaa Construction 


         IDA Structural Engineers


         RMA Irrigation

year completed. 2020

size. 47,500 sq. ft.

scope. Concept through CD + CA

photos. Kyle Jeffers

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