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Mitchell Park Place
Palo Alto, CA
Project Description

Mitchell Park Place is a new mixed-use development that will contribute to the vibrant neighborhood around Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, CA.  The development will include affordable, inclusive housing for lower-income households including special-needs-housing for the intellectually and developmentally disabled (IDD) community, and a new office space for public social services.  Goals for the project generated through community engagement workshops are to co-vision the site design of the property, build a family feeling, and provide strong residents’ support.

The landscape design concept aims to accomplish the following:

· Provide a memorable, safe, and comfortable place for its residents as an outdoor extension of their homes

· Integrate stormwater management strategies as functioning and valuable components of the garden

· Blend with the surrounding landscape typology as a visual amenity to the neighborhood. 

The enclosed gardens will offer ample seating areas as an outdoor extension of the community room, accommodate raised vegetable beds for gardening by its residents, and include a meditative sensory garden with a labyrinth.  Plant species will be primarily California natives, as well as combination of low water use adapted plants that provide year-round interest.   Plants are intended to be sourced from nurseries with known chain of custody and proscription of systemic pesticides and be selected for high tolerance to drought.  All residential units, common spaces and offices will have a direct view of vegetation.

client. Eden Housing

team. BASE Landscape Architecture

         Salas O'Brien

         Alter Consulting Engineers

         Ideas Management Consultants

year completed. Ongoing

size. 0.9 acres

scope.  Concept through CD + CA

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