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Dolores Pollinator Boulevard
San Francisco, CA

Photo: Maria Durana

Project Description

The grassy islands that divide Dolores Street are one of the most visible casualties of San Francisco’s drought. Withered brown patches have been spreading through the once lush medians since the city staunched their irrigation in an effort to conserve water. The solution: tear out the thirsty turf and populate the medians with plants that have evolved to thrive under drier conditions. 

BASE worked with the community and stakeholders to create the Pollinator Boulevard, a beautiful, drought-tolerant pollinator garden in the first block of Dolores at Market Street. Widespread, careless use of pesticides in both urban and agricultural habitats has created an environment less hospitable to pollinators. We committed to combat these harsh conditions with carefully selected low-water, pesticide-free, pollinator friendly plants that will bloom in an unbroken relay all year long. Vivid California poppies, sages, spiky spider aloe, and other bright, drought-tolerant, and pollinator-friendly plants create a much-needed habitat for bees and other pollinators.

We imagine the barren strips that run the rest of Dolores’ length full with plants and pollinators, a network of gardens wriggling its way over and through the San Francisco hills to wash the streets in sweet scents and shifting colors. We want this pollinator boulevard to become San Francisco’s pollinator neighborhood, connected to the new pollinator garden at Dolores Park and to all the school and church gardens along Dolores.

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