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LIIF Child Care Facilities
San Francisco, CA
Project Description

In collaboration with the Low Income Investment Fund and Scientific Art Studio, BASE is working on a series of five different childcare centers throughout San Francisco, all with the collective goal of connecting children with nature. BASE is working on 3 Childcare Centers and 2 Family Care Centers. Each of the existing facilities directors are hoping to revamp their outdoor space into a natural playground, filled with natural play elements, engaging discovery, curiosity, and exploration. The target age group is toddlers ages 1.5-5 years of age, so special consideration is taken with all the sites to create a balance between safety and challenging play. 

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) works to create spaces of high-quality child care, particularly for low income families, using capital, capacity building and public advocacy to build sustainable communities through funding and education around nature-based play environments. 


Currently in the conceptual stage, BASE took some time to really sit with each of the sites, connecting to their individual genius loci to create different themes for each site. Some of the natural themes include, birds and their habitats, fertility, water and flow, ecological corridor, and natural sounds/music. Each of the centers will be an oasis of nature, acting as a refuge from the urban fabric that is San Francisco. 


We are excited to be a part of such a great team of designers, thinkers, and stakeholders who are all passionate about transforming these sites into creative and playful natural environments for the children who need it the most.

client. LIIF

team. BASE Landscape Architecture

         Scientific Art Studio

year completed. Ongoing

size. Citywide

scope.  Concept, CD

photos.  Maria Durana

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