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Roving Rangers
On the road throughout the nation
Project Description

Parks don’t move. This is obvious, but when your goal is to bring the majesty of the Golden Gate or the Santa Monica Mountains to more people, the static nature of trails, trees, and ocean views can pose a challenge. This is especially true today, because even as America’s diversity is increasing, our state, regional, and national parks struggle to attract minorities [1]


Enter the Roving Rangers. These bright and beautiful mobile park ranger stations made from retrofitted bread trucks are currently serving communities across the United States. The outreach and education vehicles are designed to be flexible, mobile solutions that allow organizations to bring their mission into communities, schools, and urban events. They’re a thrifty, flexible, and non-traditional approach to bringing parks to people—and encouraging more people to come to parks. 


The rangers have been successful in their efforts, and have been commissioned from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Baltimore. The original Roving Ranger reached more than 9,000 people and attended 68 events in its first year of outreach. As envisioned, the Ranger has helped engage new audiences, especially people who find it difficult to visit parks due to distance, limited transit options, or a feeling that they are unwelcome in the parks. 

BASE developed this concept. We are committed to leading the way to inspire the next generation of park stewards.

team. BASE Landscape Architecture

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Santa Monica Mountains Fund

Santa Monica National Park 

Chesapeake Bay Parks Conservancy

Bay Area Discovery Museum

One Tam Alliance

Natural History Museum of Utah

year completed. Ongoing (First truck completed 2013)

awards2016 ASLA Professional Awards: Communication

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