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Service and Leadership
Advocacy, Philanthropy, Diversity 

We believe strongly in giving back to our communities and serving the profession of landscape architecture. Our leadership is not confined to the studio, and our service goes beyond our commitment to our clients. Our team is active on various fronts -- political, philanthropic, grassroots -- in our efforts to satisfy our own curiosity and to champion the values of sustainability, diversity, equity, and healthy communities.

Recent endeavors and positions include

  • Patricia organized a panel called "Alternative Business Ownership Models" at 2023 ASLA conference

  • Patricia and MaFe helped to organize the second gathering -El Merequetengue- of Latin American Landscape Architects at the 2023 ASLA conference in Minneapolis

  • MaFe won the 2023 WxLA Award

  • Patricia wrote a chapter in the book: Latinas in Architecture and Allies Vol. II

  • Patricia spoke on a panel titled "The Earth Upon Which We Build" at the AIA'23 Conference

  • MaFe is teaching in the virtual Diplomate in Landscape Architecture offered by Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia)

  • Siobhan served as the President of the ASLA Northern California Chapter 2021/22, and currently as the Past-President of the ASLA Northern California Chapter 2022/23

  • Patricia, Cesar and MaFe helped to organize the first gathering -El Merequetengue- of Latin American Landscape Architects at the 2022 ASLA conference in San Francisco

  • Patricia is co-chairing of the steering committee of Latinx In Architecture

  • Patricia gave a talk on The Importance of Designing for Pollinators at The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University. Check out the recording here

  • Patricia is participating as a member of ASLA Annual Conference Education Advisory Committee (ACEAC) and the ASLA Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board ROVE team

  • Patricia was invited to be the juror of:

    • 2022 Women of Color Licensure Advancement Program

    • 2022 WxLA ASLA scholarships

    • 2021 SCal ASLA Cal Poly Leadership in the Landscape

  • MaFe taught Introduction to Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, 2022 

  • Patricia was selected to join the ASLA Diversity Summit fellows in 2018 and 2019

  • Sutter has served as the President (2017-2018) of the Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, a charitable family foundation dedicated mitigating global climate disruption.

  • Patricia taught Social Factors in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension from 2010 to 2016

Innovation Lab

Service & Leadership

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