Service and Leadership
Advocacy, Philanthropy, Diversity 
Project Description

We believe strongly in giving back to our communities and serving the profession of landscape architecture. Our leadership is not confined to the studio, and our service goes beyond our commitment to our clients. Our team is active on various fronts -- political, philanthropic, grassroots -- in our efforts to satisfy our own curiosity and to champion the values of sustainability, diversity, equity, and healthy communities.

Recent endeavors and positions include

  • Andreas has served as the President of the Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (2017-2018)

  • Patricia was selected to join the ASLA Diversity Summit fellows in 2018. 

  • Sutter has served as the President (2017-2018) of the Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, a charitable family foundation dedicated to enhancing the sustainability and diverse quality of life by addressing global climate disruption.

  • Šárka joined the ASLA NCC Emerging Professionals group for the 2020/21 session.

  • Šárka has served on the ASLA NCC Executive Committee from 2010 to 2014, and was the Chapter president in 2012/2013.

  • Thea currently serves on the ASLA Northern California Chapter 2020/21 Executive Committee as a Member At Large.


Innovation Lab

Service & Leadership

  • Šárka taught Social Factors in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension in 2017 and 2018, and an Introductory Design Studio in 2016.

  • Patricia taught Social Factors in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension from 2010 to 2016.

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Featured Project: Gill Tract Community Farm

At BASE, we believe in an inclusive community approach to design - creating spaces that bring people together, inspire action, and satisfy a community’s practical needs in creative and efficient ways.


With the Gill Tract Farm Coalition (GTFC) in Albany, CA we have been working to create a robust community outreach program in response to a new student housing development that will be built by UC Berkeley on a parcel of the Gill Tract. The housing project will displace the Farm’s tractor barn, storage and multi-use space, and a new agricultural operations building has been offered by developers as replacement. 


To ensure an inclusive community planning process for these future changes, we’ve developed interactive polling graphics and hosted a series of workshops - collaborating to create a conceptual design for the new agricultural building that best meets the Farm’s goals of community building, agricultural and environmental literacy, and equitable production and distribution of fresh produce. The Gill Tract is also an overwintering site for the Monarch butterfly, a species whose population has plummeted 99.9% since the 1980s. Advocacy and protection of this struggling pollinator species has become an integral part in our mission of support to the Gill Tract Farm Coalition as they plan for the future in the face of this encroaching development. 

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