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We believe in the value of working with community members, local artists and consultants in our design development. BASE is here to sustain engagement and participatory culture in our field. 

From off-line methods such as community meetings, design charrettes, surveys and public meetings, BASE has developed comprehensive community engagement strategies. Our innovative toolkits bring a sense of playfulness to community outreach in order to encourage inclusive environments where diverse voices are heard and diverse ideas are valued. As COVID 19 has made public gatherings increasingly more fraught, BASE has been developing online outreach models that may prove to facilitate even greater equity in the community engagement process.

BASE has a strong commitment to mentorship, especially with youth POC. We strongly believe the spaces we inhabit have a lasting impact on our development. In our work with schools we have the potential to inspire thousands of children, and we believe it is important for children to be a part of the design process. This not only empowers them but it also provides an opportunity for them to learn about and experience the profession of landscape architecture. 

Patricia’s community involvement and advocacy expand the boundaries of traditional landscape architecture. In addition to founding BASE, she is the founder of With Honey in the Heart, a non-profit organization that creates healthy habitats for and educates people about pollinators. She is the co-founder of the Algarden Demonstration Urban Farm, a center for permaculture education and natural beekeeping. She has taught at UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension for 6 years a class named “Designing for Difference”. The class, which focuses on the social factors influencing the design of public spaces, was based on the legacy of one of Patricia's mentors, Clare Cooper Marcus.

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We have never stopped to educate ourselves to find innovative and thoughtful solutions to solve our biggest problems, both in the design world and beyond it.

Suggested, non-comprehensive reading around challenging systemic racism in our profession.

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